Are you looking for professional movers for your upcoming household move? WeMoveU can help you out.

We are a full-service moving company that provides interstate moving services for all Los Angeles and Southern California residents. With WeMoveU, you’ll get a moving partner that cares about your unique moving needs while delivering great service for your upcoming move.

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Your Professional Moving Company

WeMoveU is a professional residential moving company that puts its customers first in its entire process. We understand that each move is different, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced Los Angeles movers will work with you to create a personalized moving plan that fits your budget and timeline.

We offer a wide range of home moving services for our customers. You can get the following services with WeMoveU:

Our fully-licensed movers can help you with local moves, long-distance moves, and packing your belongings in safe and secure storage. WeMoveU is here to make your residential move as stress-free as possible.

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Make Your Move With WeMoveU

You don’t have to worry about relocations that involve moving your belongings between state lines. Our several moving services can handle even your most bulky items.

Here are more reasons why you should make your move with WeMoveU.

Licensed, Insured, and Expertly Trained

As a professional company, we employ federally-licensed movers and provide worker’s compensation. Unlike other moving companies, we aim to revolutionize how we treat our movers and customers.

We believe that the entire quality service process starts with providing comprehensive care to protect those that truly matter.

Support Short and Long-Distance Moves

Our moving service covers local and cross-country moves. Because we provide long-distance services, you can easily plan your entire move without the stress of switching moving companies per state.

Affordable Rates

Residential moves don’t have to be expensive. As a household moving company, we strive to keep our business accessible to every family in Los Angeles.  If you’re planning to change your address but only have a little money to spare, our affordable moving quote can help you out.

Customer-First Policy

Changing your location can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why we make sure to leave space for any request you might make for our team.

Whether it’s planning for your move or spontaneous requests on your moving day, we’ll make sure to serve your needs.

Customized Moving Experience

Do you have unique packing needs? Got particular belongings you struggle to fit into a truck? Don’t worry. Our residential moving services will make your life easier through a personal moving plan. Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen. It’s that easy.

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Our Entire Moving Process

Here at WeMoveU, we strive to make our residential moving process as smooth as possible.

We believe that one move can make a difference. That’s why we employ a straightforward 5-step moving process for all our customers.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Schedule a Call With Us: You can choose a date to call us. Just use this link to contact our team or use the following contact details:
    Business Phone: +1 800-742-3070
    Business Email:
  2. Get a Free Quote: We ensure you’ll get value from each call with our team. Whether it’s a piece of moving advice or a free moving quote, you’ll end your call with more information to help you make your decision.
  3. Survey Your Items and Belongings: Once you decide to move with our team, we’ll send one of our experts to survey your belongings. This ensures that the truck we send can fit all your items once you make the city switch.
  4. Plan Your Move: All residential moving involves careful planning. We’ll be with you at every step so you won’t feel left in the dark as you plan to move the country or locally.
  5. Move To Your New Home: Then we make the move! With our streamlined procedure and customer-friendly sales and pricing model, you’ll get the best experience possible with WeMoveU.

A Step Above Other Residential Moving Companies

We are not just an ordinary moving company. We’re a team of experts who strive for care, excellence, and reliability in residential moving.Our moving company for households and businesses moving cross country is just a click away.

Make your move today with WeMoveU. Contact our team to get started!

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